The S&S Fitzgerald Group is committed to providing leadership development services to organizations and individuals around the world. Although we craft a solution specific to each opportunity, our offerings include: team and individual assessment, development and delivery of customized training workshops and meeting facilitation for groups and teams, design of implementation and reinforcement strategies, as well as one-on-one executive coaching services.

By focusing on your outcome-based objectives, we create a customized solution that combines industry-best practices and tools with the natural synergies of collaboration to help you discover and bring out the best in yourself, your organization, your employees and your business partnerships.


Strong leaders have a track record of success and a personal drive to be even more effective. Executives choose the S&S Fitzgerald group to bring additional resources to a challenge and to accelerate desired changes that will provide a competitive edge.

Increasing awareness and enhancing leadership skills may sound like nice-to-haves, but our clients assure us they’re not. They consistently tell us that these leadership changes helped them gain a more useful and accurate knowledge of themselves and those around them. These insights also enable them to remove barriers within their organizations, which contribute to improved bottom-line results. By increasing awareness, aligning goals and values, improving communication, as well as promoting independent and interdependent high performance, we have helped domestic and international organizations excel in the technology, aerospace, transportation, defense, staffing and non-profit sectors.


We work with executives and teams responsible for management, sales, service, production, projects or innovation who seek to transform their organizations.


Choosing the S&S Fitzgerald Group can enable you to effectively harness the unparalleled power of human potential in your organization. Contact us today to learn how we can support you in fully engaging and energizing your talent resources.

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