To ensure success with each engagement, we consistently utilize a proven process that enables us to effectively customize methods and tools to meet your organization’s needs. 

  1. Discover  – This step focuses on you and your desired outcomes – your measurable goals and the intangible changes you want to create. Through thoughtful questions and careful listening, we will facilitate a meaningful dialogue that engages you and your team and enables us to help you identify clear high-level milestones, as well as explore avenues to empower you, your team and/or your organization to discover its best.
  2. Align – Once we have learned about your outcomes and challenges, we will summarize and share the key takeaways of this discussion with you to ensure accurate understanding and alignment between your stated objectives and the ways we can support you.
  3. Plan – Then, we will design and recommend a customized, detailed outcome-based solution that will help you and/or your organization achieve the goals you outlined. We will also select and describe optimal methodologies, tools and strategies to facilitate lasting change and long-term success.
  4. Implement – We will guide you and/or your team thorough the unique agreed-upon development program that presents opportunities for engagement, inspiration and transformation, as well as personal changes that can powerfully impact individuals, teams and the organization as a whole.
  5. Evaluate – After the implementation, we will ask for feedback about your experience as well as your evaluation of change.  Because we recognize that meaningful change takes energy, time and reinforcement, we are committed to integrating required changes at a pace that fits the culture of the individual, team and/or the organization.
  6. Drive – To help you continue to build on the positive changes and momentum from your investment, we will design and recommend an easy-to-implement reinforcement plan, as well as practical tools.
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